Needleless water gloss

Needleless Hydration uses a high-pressure spray gun to spray hyaluronic acid and other nutrients onto the surface of the skin. Hyaluronic acid can penetrate into the basal layer, the lowest layer of the epidermis, for non-invasive transdermal hydration, achieving deep hydration, removing dry lines, strengthening cells, whitening and tenderness. skin effects.

Remove wrinkles


Firm skin


anti aging


Reshape facial contours

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Project Introduction

The needleless hydration uses the unique TDA (needleless transdermal) technology to inject into the skin at a high speed of 450m/s, hyaluronic acid, oxygen molecules, and plant essences (hyaluronic acid, VE+VA, VB5) rich in nanometer molecules. , VC, nucleotides, collagen, etc.) and trace elements required by the skin, and other luxurious nutrients are released layer by layer, directly to the base. Through this speed, the sterile nano-micromolecule essence can enter every layer of the skin in a balanced manner, increasing the supply of nutrients to cells, allowing them to be absorbed and stored in the skin. Moisturizing factors are continuously released from the bottom of the skin to replenish moisture to the skin at all times, brighten the skin, resist aging, etc., repair withered and broken mesh fibers, and awaken cell regeneration function.

Adapt to the crowd

  • Upper face: drooping eyelids and eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes and forehead
  • Lower face: sagging jaw, double chin, marionette lines
  • Cheeks: Sliding apples, sagging cheeks, facial wrinkles, dull skin tone
  • Neck: sagging neck and front chest

common problem

  • Professional aesthetic medicine will provide you with anesthetic drugs to relieve your discomfort. Depending on your own situation, it is recommended that you are not allowed to operate machines, including driving a car, within 24 hours after treatment. Please arrange your own pick-up or our staff will escort you to a taxi home. Please strengthen moisturizing (hydration injection, water shuttle, related treatment links) and sun protection. The swelling usually subsides on its own, with a short recovery period that does not affect work and daily social interactions.

  • Initial results can be seen immediately after treatment, but the best results will gradually appear 1-6 months after treatment.

  • Ultrasonic scalpel mainly uses focused sound waves to heat the fascia layer to promote lifting and prevent sagging, while Thermage mainly uses electric waves to tighten the skin in the dermis layer. The specific situation depends on the individual's skin condition, Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Center will provide customized treatment plans.

  • Can. Many plastic surgeons recommend using ultrasonic scalpel to stimulate more collagen regeneration after facial thread lifting and other lifting surgeries are completely healed, so as to better maintain the lifting effect.

  • A single facial treatment with ultrasound scalpel costs approximately XXX-XXX. According to personal needs, you can also choose the face and neck package of ultrasound scalpel.

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